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  • Assist Clients in Developing Accounting Policies and Procedures – Provide completeness, accuracy, consistency, and verifiability are some of the necessary attributes for financial data to be considered as a basis for making management decisions. To this end, the firm assists clients in developing internal control systems, cost effective policies and procedures designed to safeguard the integrity of their financial reporting system.
  • Assist Clients in Obtaining Financing – Provide forecasting of financial requirements, which lies at the heart of the financial management of any companies operation. When an organization determines that it must seek outside financing arrangement between an organization and a financial institution it is the submission of the financial, accounting, and other data that will enable the prospective creditor to determine the overall credit worthiness and debt capacity of the organization. In providing management advisory services, the firm would assist in determining the financing needs of the organization, determine the most feasible financing alternatives, assist in preparing the loan proposal and assist in negotiation with the financial institution.
  • Preparation of Indirect Cost Allocation Plans for Non-profit Organizations – Provide actual preparation of the plan of indirect cost, identification of opportunities for maximizing cost recoverability, and developing strategies for negotiating the highest rate with the government’s cost negotiator.
  • Installation of Accounting Systems and Conversion of Microcomputer-base Accounting Systems – We install and provide training to your staff on the accounting systems of your choice, or convert yours to a microcomputer based accounting system. This process involves the proper definition of the user’s needs and a comprehensive implementation plan. In such an engagement, cost effective software, prepare existing accounting records for the conversion, and assist in establishing and maintaining the integrity of the financial data generated by the new financial reporting system.
  • Operational Audits and Internal Control Reviews – The firm’s management advisory services in this practice area involves systematic reviews of an organization’s operations, or segments of its operation, in relation to specified objectives. In today’s environment of declining revenues and downsizing, most organizations, operational efficiency are critical to all types of business entities including non-profit organization. Audit objectives such as cost reduction and revenue enhancement can significantly enhance the competitive posture of an organization.
  • Cash Management – Cash management is a critical element of the overall financial management of a company. Effective cash management can result in increased interest income, reduced cost of capital, and improve cash flow and asset utilization. The firm’s cash management expertise include assistance in establishing good banking relations including bank selection, analysis of compensation balance arrangements, suggestions for improvements in client’s billing, cash receipts and disbursements cycles, and establishment and management of zero balance accounts.
  • Government Contracting Compliance – Doing business with the Federal Government is in many ways significantly different from doing business in the commercial market place. Success in this market requires gaining an understanding of the procurement process, the financial reporting requirement mandated by the government, and implementing strategies, which ensure a competitive posture. The firm has several years of experience in government contracting assisting clients in developing cost proposals, preparing annual Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) submissions, establishing approved cost accounting systems, assisting clients with DCAA audits and contract close-outs, and assisting clients in this industry with the development and implementation of strategies to increase profit margins and cost recoverability.
  • Compliance with O.M.B. Circular A-133 Requirement – We provide guidance and technical assistance to non-profit organizations receiving Federal financial assistance either direct or indirect that in many situations are required to have an audit made in accordance with the Government Auditing Standards and O.M.B. Circular A-133.


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