To ensure that each engagement is performed most efficiently and cost-effectively, and that the engagement organization receives our best effort, staff is only assigned as needed to conduct the requirements of the engagement. The following description of the qualification and experience and roles of key personnel of the firm follows:


J. Arthur Brown is the owner and manger of the firm and is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the firm’s activity. In this capacity he is the key person to regularly interface with the management and staff of your organization.

Education – Mr. Brown earned his undergraduate (B>S.) degree in accounting and economic from Albany State University, Albany, Georgia in 1967. He earned his Master Degree in Taxation from the Southeastern University in 1977 and he has completed all course work towards a master degree in Accounting and Business Administration at the American University, Washington, D.C.

Work Experience – In his present capacity as owner and manager of the firm, Mr. Brown is responsible for a diverse client base, which includes non-profit organizations, churches, retail, construction contractors, and numerous small businesses and individuals.

  • Mr. Brown has assisted small business owners in raising capital by obtaining bank loans for their businesses for the purpose of start-up, expansion capital, acquisition and equipment furniture and fixtures, etc. He has provided advice and technical assistance to business owners on selecting and setting up their accounting and financial management systems, streamline their business to make it more profitable, set up budgets, develop a business plan that reflects he owners mission and direction for their business. Mr. Brown has also provided technical advice and guidance to Presidents and CEO of various business firms on tax planning, tax filing.
  • Prior to devoting his efforts to the development of a full time accounting and management advisory services firm, Mr. Brown worked in the public sector at various Governmental Agencies and the private sector at various Governmental Agencies and the private sector for the CPA firm of Lucus and Tucker, CPA.
  • Mr. Brown has several years of experience in various positions with the Department of Housing and Urban Development. His experience with HUD include positions in the financial area such as (a) Accountant, (b) Financial Analyst, (c) Budget Analyst, (d) Budget Officer, (e) Grant Officer, and (f) Acting Office Director of Administration.
  • Mr. Brown has experience as a Management Analyst and Budget Analyst with the U.S. Department of Commerce, Office of Minority Business Development Agency, and Office of the Controller.
  • Mr. Brown also has work experience as an Auditor with the CPA firm of Lucus Tucker and Company, Washington, D.C. He performed financial audits, and was engaged in numerous special projects including the performance of Single Audits in accordance with O.M.B. Circular A-128, and A-123. As senior auditor, he was also in charge of a diverse and complex client base, which included Government agencies, non-profit organizations and commercial clients.

Professional Licenses & Memberships – Mr. Brown was licensed as a CPA in the District of Columbia in 1989. He is a member of the District of Columbia Society of Certified Public Accountants and he also holds a certificate as an Enrolled Agent, which qualifies him to represent clients before the Internal Revenue Service. He holds membership in the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, (AICPA) the National Society of Public Accountants, (NSPA) and the District of Columbia Society of Certified Public Accountants.



Mr. Robert Debnam is a Senior Associate with the firm. He is responsible for office management and supervision of staff members on various engagements. In addition to his responsible for quality control and oversight of the staff work, he is also involved in approximately thirty percent of the field work.

Education – Mr. Debnam received his B.S. Accounting Degree from Benjamin Franklin University, Washington, DC, in 1971, and he received his Masters Taxation Degree from Southeastern University, Washington, D.C. in 1979.

Work Experience- Mr. Debnam has worked with the Integrated Management Resource Group, in Washington, DC for seven years as a Contract Auditor. He performed audits of pension plans guaranteed by the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC) computer software programs in conducting audit reviews.

  • Mr. Debnam worked with the Minority Health Professions Foundation, in Silver Spring, M.D., as a Fiscal Manager/Chief Financial Officer responsible for fiscal administration of the Foundation’s multi-million dollar federal grant portfolio. He also directed the Foundations fully automated accounting system and provided all fiscal reports utilizing federal reporting standards to federal grantors. Mr. Debnam utilized computer software programs including MIP, Quickens and ATB.
  • Prior to serving as Chief Financial Officer for the MHPF, Mr. Debnam worked as a Manager for the Professional Tax & Financial Consultants, Inc., in Philadelphia, P.A., preparing financial statements, tax returns and providing IRS representation. He also established accounting systems and assisted in implementing management advisory services.
  • Mr. Debnam held a position as Manager/Chief Financial Officer, for Charles Neal, CPA’S, in Philadelphia, P.A., for four years, executing office operations including client services, supervising junior staff and conducting special assignments delegated by the firms senior partners. In this position Mr. Debnam assisted a non-profit health care provider with formulating Medicare reimbursements and preparation of their bi-weekly payroll for forty-five employees and did internal auditing of the US Department of Health and Human Services grants.
  • As an Auditor for the US Navy, Military Personnel Command, in Arlington, VA, Mr. Debnam conducted financial reviews and audits of cash controls for commercially run enterprises operating on US Navy bases around the world. He also managed on-site audit teams and wrote audit reports and screened applicants that were subsequently assigned to permanent audit assignments worldwide.
  • Mr. Debnam has held a position at DC General Hospital, Washington, DC as a Cost Accountant, performing hospital production studies utilizing internal productivity analysis reports. He designed special worksheets utilized for Medicare and Medicaid cost reporting. Mr. Debnam assisted external auditors identifying and implementing solutions to hospital cost reporting issues.
  • Working as a Senior Auditor for the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation, in Washington, D. C., Mr. Debnam conducted reviews of privately funded pension plans utilizing standards issued by the American Society of Pension Actuaries and the AICPA. He assisted Corporation Trust Officers with transferring pension assets to federal control and supervised payouts of plan benefit. Mr. Debnam executed workshops at Southeastern University regarding the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation’s mission and purpose.
  • As an Accountant at Bert Smith & Associates, in Washington, D.C., Mr. Debnam reviewed financial operations of small businesses and prepared reports, he also conducted audits of membership organizations, manufacturing companies and prepared business and individual tax returns.
  • Mr. Debnam worked as an Accountant, preparing journal entry input in the Electronic Data Processing Department at the Small Business Administration. He also provided technical assistance to small business loan applicants.