Tax Services – Our professional staff knows the tax laws, and we have the experience and expertise to save you Big $$$ on your tax return.  We provide complete representation services before the Internal Revenue Services as well as state and local taxing authorities.  You never have to meet with the IRS; we can do that for you.  We are also experienced in negotiating Offer-In-Compromise agreements with the IRS, and State or local governments.  We offer each client audit protection services which guarantees complete representation before the IRS and State government if they are audited.  This added service provides our clients with peace of mind that they won’t have to pay for expensive representation fees in the event their return gets pulled for an audit.

Electronic Filing – We offer our clients electronic filing at no additional cost if their tax return was prepared by one our professional staff.

Tax Planning – We feel that taxes should not be a seasonal affair for the tax preparer or the taxpayer.  Good tax planning involves work year-round to monitor the latest tax rulings that might affect our clients’ tax return.  For our clients, it involves the selection of a very carefully planned approach to avoid paying unnecessary federal and state taxes.  Every one of our clients that follow our advice benefits from a carefully devised tax program specially designed to complement their individual situation.  The advance planning is vital in today’s economy.  It not only insures that every legal deduction will be taken, but that all applicable tax laws are explored for maximum results.

Payroll Services – Our firm offers complete payroll preparation and tax reportingservices. We prepare all federal and state payroll returns and offer full magnetic and electronic filling capabilities.


Confidentiality – All of our clients’ business and personal affairs are handled in strict confidence.  It is our policy to maintain scrupulous adherence to our tight-mouthed rule of discussing our client’s affairs with no one except on a need-to-know basis.